Samantha-Jane Ince

Artist member since 2019
Toronto, Ontario

Samantha-Jane Ince (S J Ince) is an emerging mixed media artist and designer, based in Toronto, originally from the UK, working in the mediums of wool, paper, and acrylics on canvas. Exploring contemporary themes on how we live. Using fibre, paint, and techniques such as needle-felting and digital illustration, to create modern tapestries and abstract works that reflect today's world and the issues, influences, and attitudes shaping it. Such as the future of work, technology, social change, identity, and the environment. As well as the simple, beautiful, strange and mundane things we do and love. Samantha is also a surface designer and creates original pattern designs for textiles and paper and is the founder of Petit Punnet, an artisan stationery and lifestyle brand.

Select Past Exhibitions

WE-HUB Group Popup Art Exhibition at Xpace Cultural Centre (part of “Live Your Best Freelance Life” conference for creatives